Bakırcı Yapı

İnşaat sektörüne ilk adımını 1981 yılında atan Bakırcı Yapı, 40 yılı aşkın süredir kaliteli üretim, satış öncesi ve sonrası koşulsuz müşteri memnuniyeti ilkeleri doğrultusunda ev sahibi yaptığı binlerce ailenin güvenini kazanmıştır.



As Bakırcı Yapı, we believe that sustainability improves the quality of our lives and protects our ecosystem and natural sources for future generations. Moreover, we consider it one of our most important missions. For us, sustainability is no longer an option, it is a lifestyle that humanity must adopt quickly to survive and sustain.

According to the International Energy Agency, the construction industry accounts for 36 percent of worldwide energy demand and 40 percent of global energy and process-related emissions. The earth fights against climate change, environmental pollution, and decreasing fossil fuel sources which affect human activities in all aspects. Therefore, as Bakırcı Yapı, we adopt the latest sustainable technology and construction methodologies. 

According to us, if we are going to build a sustainable future, our industry should lead the way for this purpose. Our company follows its lead and takes concrete steps. Thus, as Bakırcı Yapı, we consider mechanical, electrical, and sanitary systems as the most important elements of successfully carrying out sustainability. These systems are not necessarily the most visible part of a construction project; however, they carry great importance when it comes to the requirements of water and energy for the buildings. So, they form an integral part of our sustainable construction projects.

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